Survey to study programme leaders: analysis underway

As a part of Project B in this study, local quality enhancement procedures and practices are being examined. For this purpose, a comprehensive nation-wide survey was sent to over 1000 study programme leaders in Norway. The survey was sent out in December 2015 and data collection was completed in the beginning of 2016.

The survey is first of its kind in Norway, as the first report from the project identified that educational leadership in higher education on study programme level is an area that has been understudied. Researcher on the project, Elisabeth Hovdhaugen comments:

Dr. Elisabeth Hovdhaugen, NIFU
Dr. Elisabeth Hovdhaugen, NIFU

We are now underway with analyzing the survey data. In the Norwegian context, no one has this kind of comprehensive data on the staff responsible for study programmes. This is a topic that appears to have gained increased attention in recent years and knowledge about what study program leaders do is essential and much needed.

Initial results are expected to be ready before the summer.

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