Article about digitalization in higher education in Quality in Higher Education

Based on the comparative analysis of data from the Norwegian and Danish surveys among study programme leaders, Cathrine Tømte (NIFU), Trine Fossland (UiT), Per Olaf Aamodt (NIFU) & Lise Degn (CFA, Århus University) have recently published an article titled Digitalisation in higher education: mapping institutional approaches for teaching and learning” in Quality in Higher Education.

Note that the article is available open access!

Abstract. This paper explores the digitalisation of teaching and learning understood as external processes, influenced by government and international trends and as internal processes within the institutions, in Denmark and Norway. These are countries with similarities regarding digitalisation and educational systems. In the internal processes, there was some use of digital technology in teaching and learning when initiated from administration including IT-staff, in collaboration with academic leaders. There was little or only limited reported use of technology for teaching and learning, when the processes were initiated by administration together with enthusiasts among faculty staff, who did not have leadership roles or influence on change. There was more reported use of technology in teaching and learning in Denmark than Norway. The paper discusses possible explanations for these findings and thus illuminates how processes of digitalisation are influenced by broader governance arrangements, institutional maturity and academic and administration staffs.

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